A visit at the Hammam

What happens typically during a visit at the hammam?

A Turkish bath or a hammam is a thousand year old traditional bathhouse where guests relax, detox and come out refreshed. Read below about what happens when you come to a Turkish bath.


Stage one: After the guest arrives, he or she change into a pair of shorts or swimming suit which will be worn for the duration of the entire visit. Nakedness is frowned upon. They take a quick shower and jump into the sauna for 10-15 minutes.


Stage two: The attendant will invite them to the hammam room where the visitors lie down on a warm tiled bed while their bodies get rinsed and scrubbed with an exfoliating silkworm mitt from the mountains of Turkey. Then the  attendant will wash the guests with a rich lather made from olive oil and honey soap using a silkworm pillowcase. This lather helps replenish the freshly exfoliated skin.


Stage three: After a few minutes of rest in the lounge area, the guest enters the massage room. The Turkish massage is different because it not only focuses on the tired muscles but it also relaxes the nervous system and helps the body detox. The therapists use grapeseed oil which is light and allergy free.


Stage four: When the massage is over, the guest returns to the lounge room where they are served Turkish apple tea and delights. After that, they are ready to go for other beauty or barber treatments in our building or return home, feeling refreshed.

The Benefits of a Turkish hammmam treatment

  1. Improves blood circulation
  2. Better digestion
  3. Releases Toxins
  4. Relieves muscle pain
  5. Alleviates stress

The treatment is safe and even recommended for certain health conditions like skin conditions (e.g. acne or dermatitis) or respiratory problems. Please let your therapist know if you have any special health conditions.