Our Team

The founder of Adam & Eve is Carol Durmus, whose vision is to offer the traditional authentic Turkish Bath / Hammam experience 

Turkish massage, which focuses not only on the muscles but on relaxing the nervous system and helping the body detox.

“Lots of English people have traveled to Turkey and had an amazing holiday”, says Carol. “Coming here brings back those good memories and some even say this is even better than Turkey. The Turkish baths in Turkey are overcrowded with tourists when we offer the same service without overcrowding.”

Carol started trading as a hair stylist 27 years ago and is a member of the National Hairdressers’ Federation (NHF). Her first salon was on Lodge Lane and has now relocated within the Adam & Eve Turkish Bath. Carol and her team specialise in European and Afro Caribbean hair textures.

Carol is passionate about making a contribution to the local community: “I was born and raised in Wavertree and it has been a great achievement that we brought the traditional Turkish bath to people in Liverpool. Because we’re just outside the city centre I can keep the overheads low and offer competitive prices and make it accessible to people with different incomes.”

Carol has gathered around her a team of masseurs, hairdressers, barbers and beauticians most of whom have been working together for years. They are friendly, professional and dedicated to giving the best possible treatments to their clients.

The staff caters for people of different cultures and all walks of life.

The therapists are there to make guests feel at ease, so please tell the staff about any concerns or health conditions you may have.

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